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Break a Sweat Laughing With the Silliest and Funniest Sports Quotes Ever

Very often sports provide us with a glimpse of the limits of what humanity can achieve. There are very few other spectacles on earth that give us a glimpse of the limits of what humanity can achieve in both mind and body like sports. And when sports are in question, then naturally a lot of people would draw inspiration from the quotations of the great sporting icons of our time. Such words have the power to inspire, to bring out our drive and to keep us focused on being the best we can be.

But most of the time, athletes and sports figures aren’t the best sources of deep and moving quotations. A majority in fact of sports quotations by now are either platitudes or are just plain funny. Here are a few of these notorious quotes that have been immortalized in not so good ways:

– “Sure there have been injuries and deaths in boxing, but none of them serious.”: These classic words were spoken by Alan Minter, a professional boxer and former Olympic bronze medalist and European world champion. Apparently though all those shots to the head can take their toll and you end up… saying things.

– “(My) Career was sputtering until I made a 360 (degree turn) and got headed in the right direction.”: This piece of pure genius was mouthed by Tracy McGrady, who was drafted straight out of high school and became the scoring champ twice, as well as a seven time All Star. Though his game has never been in question, his knowledge of basic figures kinda is.

– “We’re not attempting to circumcise the rules.”: From the lips of Bill Cowher, then coach of the Pittburgh Steelers comes this once in a lifetime quotation. He was actually NFL coach of the ear in 1992 and led the Steelers to the title in Superbowl XL. He is now a TV commentator for ‘The NFL Today’ where he probably puts his amazing eloquence to good use.

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