The Four Cardinal Rules Every Article Writer Must Observe

Writing is an art. It is akin to painting, but instead of a canvas, you get a blank page. The advent of the internet has created a whole universe of readers who derive purpose and meaning from written word. Writers have consequently come forth to satisfy the emerging need, and now, the web abounds with articles.

Article writing is however very distinct. While anyone with an understanding of the language can create a piece, it takes an ardent writer to accomplish some purpose when there are word count restrictions. If you desire is to become proficient in creating evocative material, there are some fundamental rules that you must observe.

Know Your Industry

Different niches call for very different styles of writing. There are acronyms that are commonplace in specialty industries that you must converse yourself with. Your way of writing cannot remain consistent when you are writing for different audiences. Before you pen that first word, try to understand the kind of material your reader finds most digestible, and then align your style of writing with it.

Achieve a Purpose

Your articles must meet some end goal. They have to communicate a message in clarity. The reader must derive some value when they are done reading. They must take away something in the end. The ideas shared must be simple, but the prose you use doesn’t have to be. Use adverbs and big words when the content calls for it. The promise that your title makes must be kept.


Your piece of writing must pass a message. Meet the expectation that a reader builds up when they find it. Your way with words has to be exceptionally suited to your reader. Be succinct in your presentation of ideas. An information overload isn’t the recommendation here. Talk to your reader in a communicative tone and paint pictures with your expressions to make your points comprehensible.

Grow Yourself

You must commit to continuous growth to be a great writer. Read widely, discover new ways to present ideas, learn from others, and accept criticism. Incessant self-education is transformative and with today’s easily accessible resources, you should be able to grow your command of language. With writing, the learning curve should never have a lag phase. There is always something new to learn.

Cumulatively, these efforts grow your style of writing in subtle ways that become obvious to you later down the road.

Article writing is not complex; far from it. But to be the kind of writer who assembles a large audience, you must internalize these fundamentals.

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