The Who’s Who Of Network Marketing: Who Is Eric Worre?

Ask anyone in the know for the top name in Network Marketing and the only way you’re going to get an answer that isn’t Eric Worre is if you ask Eric Worre himself.

For more than a quarter of a century, Eric Worre has positioned himself in the right place at the right time, leading to his current status as the most knowledgeable and professional Network Marketing experts in the world.

Of course, you’ve heard things like this before. You’ve heard that someone is “the best” and the term is used so loosely in blogs and articles that it has taken on the form of a meaningless buzzword.

But what if I were to tell you that Eric Worre’s sales organization reaches over 60 countries around the world, has over half a million distributors and pulls in more than $15 million dollars in earnings-would you start to agree that he is the real “Guru” of Network Marketing? So does everyone else.

Rough Beginnings

Of course, most good success stories start with a struggle or a dream and Eric was no different. Entering college with a professional football dream on his mind, a career ending injury put those dreams on permanent pause. This led him to eventually drop out of college and work a wide array of jobs that led nowhere fast.

Becoming dismayed with the work force and his opportunities, Worre took a position at his dad’s real estate firm where he failed even harder. In fact, his first year as an agent saw him tens of thousands of dollars in the red! To say that the beginning of his work career was a failure is an understatement.

Learning Life Lessons from Failure

As it has a tendency to do, failure taught Eric some vital business lessons about opportunities and working hard to grasp them when they came knocking. His work ethic wasn’t slowed, but rather enhanced by his struggles early on and after being invited to the National Safety Associates marketing presentation by his dad and business partner, Eric finally found his niche.

This is where he first heard about Network Marketing and seeing the opportunity that others missed, he quickly set to work. His experiences, life lessons and work ethic gave him a winning trifecta that saw Eric make $7,500 during his first month in Network Marketing. This number continued to increase over the coming months.

Eric learned about losing money so much during his early days that instead of blowing it on the typical things a first-time earner normally does, he took just about every penny he earned and reinvested it into his business. This meant that he lived on a very small budget, $5 per hour to be exact. But that didn’t matter. Worre knew that the sacrifice he was making now would soon turn into something much larger and lucrative.

Eric Worre’s Success

He knew that self-discipline and control would lead to a much more rewarding future where money would never be a problem again if he’d just buckle down now and keep his nose to the grindstone. Within a few years, Worre’s vision came to fruition as he began to pull in six figures each year.

As other people and businesses started to take notice of Eric, Worre started to take notice of them. He did his math and mapped out his business strategy, packaging it in a way that could be sold. When the time was right, he sold his business strategy for millions of dollars and could have just retired to some island and lived happily ever after.

But, Eric Worre still wanted more and not only that, he still had more to give to the Network Marketing and business world. He worked in different companies for a while to gain experience and when the time was right, Worre founded a television network called TPN (The Peoples Network) that was centered around personal development.

So What Is Eric Worre Doing Now?

Nowadays, Eric Worre takes his talents to the motivational speaker circuit while developing Network Marketing Pro, his Network Marketing professional advice company. Attending an Eric Worre workshop is seen as a “must” for anyone looking to gain success in the world of Network Marketing. With over 250,000 trained by Eric Worre, the results are in: Eric Worre is the best Network Marketing expert in the game today.

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